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About the Team

Team GRECHX are proud to help provide the world with the choice of being environmentally, ethically and morally conscious by giving our customers a fun alternative to regular sunglasses. We believe that being sustainable as well as morally and ethically responsible is synonymous with being successful. 



About the Founders

David Larsen, Janet Grech and Philipp Gruissem, founded GRECHX in 2022. GRECHX is the brotherbrand to Grech & Co.

Our core values and strong faith have allowed the company to branch out creating and covering new spaces within the market. GRECHX is here to symbolise the future of our progress to capture a larger market share through strength and love expression. As we integrate new business lines, we want to convey our core values as we follow them like the “Holy Bible'' and nothing is more important to us than maintaining our faith and vibrancy whilst extending higher. 


The brand GRECHX, is meant to empower the everyday person with something unique, well priced. Something that invites all of you into the vibrancy of the X-factor of life.