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At GRECHX, we take pride in offering a future-forward choice for eco-conscious individuals who seek to marry environmental responsibility with personal style. As champions of sustainability and ethical practices, we believe in making a positive impact that goes hand-in-hand with success. Since our inception in January 2022 by Founders David Larsen & Phillip Gruissem, GRECHX has been more than a brand—it's a lifestyle that endorses a fun, stylish alternative to conventional eyewear.

Guided by our unwavering values and a deep-seated faith in our mission, we've expanded our reach, innovating within the eyewear market. GRECHX stands as a beacon of what's to come, aiming to capture hearts and market share with our message of strength and love. With every new line we introduce, we stay true to our core principles—our 'North Star'—prioritizing integrity and zest for life as we scale new heights.

GRECHX isn't just about sunglasses; it's about empowering each individual with exceptional, well-priced pieces that embody the beauty of life itself. We invite everyone to join us in this vibrant journey, where choosing GRECHX means embracing a world of possibility, quality, and conscious living.