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GRECHX’s Eco-friendly Affordable High-Quality Sunglasses.



The "Dune" sunglass model combines eco-friendly elegance with a glimmer of retro flair for a sustainable style. Made from recycled plastic.


The "Aspen" is a modern marvel, designed to turn heads with its bold lines and contemporary edge, all while upholding our promise to the environment....


The "Morgan" model is the founder’s favored masterpiece at GRECHX, blending personal passion with signature style, epitomizing the essence of our brand's vision.
Phoenix - GRECHX


The "Phoenix" model offers a fresh take on classic style, capturing the essence of renewal with its sleek design and revitalizing flair.
Dakota (Kids)

Dakota (Kids)

The "Dakota" model brings a playful and durable design to our younger fans, offering kids a fun, stylish way to protect their eyes with eco-friendly...
Denver (Kids)

Denver (Kids)

The "Denver" model delights our littlest adventurers with vibrant, kid-friendly designs that merge environmental consciousness with youthful style.

GRECHX Premium Sunglasses

At GRECHX we create win-win situations for everyone, including nature. That's why we use eco-friendly materials.

Discover Sustainable Style for All: Sunglasses for Men, Women and Kids at GRECHX

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Sustainability in Style

At GRECHX's we foster a community committed to a new way of doing business, and preserving our environment.

The quality of life depends on the lenses through which you see it.

David Larsen

Our Founder's Favorite Model: Morgan

Availible in 8 color variations

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Featured Model: Dune

Availible in eight color variations

Featured Model: Denver

Availible in eight color Variations

No Half Measures

Every product comes with a vegan leather case and a cleaning cloth free of charge.